Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Social networking experiment - Day 2 - and possible apartment fire

So I'm on day 2. Initial reaction when I came into work yesterday was to check my gmail, check facebook and I felt a surge of panic, so I had to tweet about it - SHOCK - Twitter was down for maintenance: What would I do? How would I let people know immediately in that minute the panic I was feeling? I couldn't, so I made a coffee. It took a while to feel slightly calmer, and only because twitter came back up, and I had a blog to maintain.

Today, I am much more calm. I spent a while reading articles last night about facebook and the yuppie generation (yes, instead of being on it, I read about it) and felt slightly smug at being out of it - don't get me wrong, I'm a recovering addict so the temptation to get sucked back in is still there, my account is still "temporarily deactivated". I reckon I'll make the leap though. I've successfully given up cigarettes and alcohol before. It did occur to me, will I miss scial events, parties, birthdays etc.? Probably, and I'll cross that bridge when the time comes! For now I feel smug that I'm out of it, and better for having to make the effor to ask people how they're doing and not read it in the newsfeed.

In other news I got a call this morning:

"Lorna, we eh think your apartment might be on fire, can we take a look? There's smoke and the alarm is going off"

Ten minutes later:

"There's no fire in your apartment, or upstairs, so eh we don't really know what's going on. I'll keep you posted."


I am so not renewing my lease.

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